1961 Eugene Swim and Tennis Club established. It is believed that the Pacific Western tournament started this year. Three years later, they constructed 3 indoor courts.

1963 Salem Tennis and Swim Club established.

1966 Irvington Club constructs new clubhouse addition and 2 indoor courts, replacing outdoor courts.

1967 Oregon State Indoor tournament hosted by the Irvington Club. The tournament later evolved into the Pacific Coast Indoor Championships. The tournament was won the first 3 years by Jack Neer and by Jim Jackson the fourth year.

1969 Irvington Club constructs 2 additional indoor courts.

1969 West Hills Racquet & Fitness Club established.

1971 Portland Tennis Center Association established to assist Portland Parks tennis.

1971 Irvington Club hosts first Pacific Coast Indoor Championships. The tournament was later sponsored by Louisiana Pacific and in 1978 the tournament became the LP Invitational.

1973 Mountain Park Racquet Club established.

1973 Portland Tennis Center constructs 4 indoor public courts.

1974 Multnomah Athletic Club completes Phase II of their rebuilding program, including 4 indoor courts.

1975 Lake Oswego Indoor Tennis Center established, with 4 indoor courts.

1975 Portland Athletic Club established.

1976 Charitable exhibition match featuring Bjorn Borg vs Mark Cox conducted at Willamette University before a sellout crowd of 3,500.

1976 Charbonneau Tennis Club established in Wilsonville. In the early years, indoor tennis was played in a bubble. The bubble was replaced with a 2 court indoor structure and 2 outdoor courts.

1977 Portland Athletic Club moves to present location and constructs new clubhouse with 5 indoor courts.

1977 Cascade Athletic Club established.

1977 The Sea-Port Cascades World Team Tennis matches were held at the Coliseum, with several matches at the Lewis & Clark Pamplin Pavillion. Team members were: Tom Gorman (playing coach), Eril Van Dillen, Steve Docherty, Betty Stove, Joanne Russell, Trish Bostrom, Brian Parrott.

1977  Tracy Austin wins her 1st professional tournament at the Avons Futures tournament at the Mountain Park Racquet Club

1978 Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Tennis Center established.

1978 Clackamas River Racquet Club established.

1978 Eastmoreland Racquet Club established.

1979 Glendoveer Golf Course indoor courts constructed.

1980 St. Johns Racquet Center established.

1980 Peugeot Tennis Tournament held in the Memorial Coliseum in front of 6,300 fans. The tournament featured Jimmy Connors and Eddie Dibbs.

Document Source: Sam Lee, 2002/Historical Committee 2004 (draft)

Prominent Men Prominent Women
Marion Blackburn Lindsey Berman
Harry Doyle Michelle Carey
Art Fish Joan Egbers
Jim Flynn Sally Frye
Ross Hughes Joyce Hockley
Jim Jackson Hedy Jackson
Ted Jackson J. Kaspari
Sam Lee Joanne Kraft
Emery Neale June Lee
Jack Neer Barbara Lum
Nate Nickerson Carolyn Lumber
Brian Parrott Grace Noraine
Bill Rose Barbara Olmstead
Don Tisdale Mirja Rose
Ed Wofford Doris Popple
Nancy Russell