Other Historical Tennis Material In Our Archives


  • The Game in Portland, USTA/PNW Official Guide, 1909
  • Pacific Northwest Tennis, USTA/PNW Official Guide, Walter Goss, 1913
  • Our Friends – The Californians, USTA/PNW Official Guide, 1913
  • The Early Days of Lawn Tennis, USTA/PNW Official Guide, George Wright, 1914
  • Sidelights on Play & Players, USTA/PNW Official Guide, 1914
  • Pacific Northwest Section of the USTA, USTA/PNW Official Guide, Walter Goss, 1920
  • Pacific Northwest Youngsters, USTA/PNW Official Guide, Walter Goss, 1920
  • Historical, USTA/PNW Official Guide, Walter Goss, 1928
  • History of Oregon Tennis back To 1895, Oregon Journal, George Bertz, 2/3/1946
  • Webfoot State Produces Standout Court Stars, Oregonian, Pat Frizell, 7/6/1952
  • Pacific Northwest Lawn Tennis Association, Haller Peterson, 11/21/1959
  • Indoor Tennis Everyone, Oregon Journal, Sam Lee, 7/19/1971
  • Tennis Anyone, Willamette Week, Brian Booth, Jackie Lowthian, 5/19/1975
  • The Man For a New Country – Sir Mathew Baillie Begbie, David, R. Williams, 1977
  • Private Tennis Clubs Proliferate in Portland, Oregonian, 1984, Kerry Eggers, 4/18/1984


  • Walter Goss (1900 – 1935)
  • Irvington Club
  • Oregon Tennis History
  • Oregon State Tennis Tournament
  • PCI Tournament
  • USTA/PNW Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Player Photo Album


  • Fisk
  • Star-Reynolds-Starr


A comprehensive library of tennis related books is available as part of the tennis historical archive at the Irvington Club including:

  • 100 years of tennis in BC, Stevenson
  • The Ultimate Tennis Book – 500 Years of The Sport, Gianni Clerici
  • Tennis Encyclopedia, Bud Collins
  • History of Tennis – An Authoritative Encyclopedia and Record Book, Bud Collins
  • Lawn Tennis Encyclopaedia, Maurice Brady
  • USTA Yearbooks


  • Complete bound set of American Lawn Tennis Magazines, donated by Wes Hartman


  • Significant historical articles, Sam Lee
  • Significant trophies, Sam Lee
  • Prominent players by period – Sam Lee


  • History of Tennis, Sam Lee, 1997
  • The Game of Tennis, Kurt Berndt first tennis pro at the Irvington Club
  • Handicap Tournaments, Sam Lee


  • Sir Mathew Bailey Begbie (3), The Man For A New Country, book
  • First tennis courts in Portland, home of H.D. Greene, 1880
  • 1939 USA Davis Cup Team
  • USTA/PNW pictures of the individual members of the Hall of Fame
  • Fisk Challenge Cup
  • Party honoring Dr. Bilderback – 1959
  • Party honoring Kurt Berndt’s 84th birthday, 1985

In addition to these documents, during the mid 1990’s, the Jantzen Corporation donated 2 sets of 11 tennis outfits depicting tennis apparel worn by great players in the earlier years of tennis. One of the outfits was worn by Gussie Moran. The OTHC kept one set and donated the other set to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.