Criteria Employed by Oregon Tennis History to Determine Historical Significance

Authenticity & Vintage

Topics presented in the web site reference a source of the material along with a date. If a source is not specified, assume the Oregon Tennis Historical Committee prepared the material. A “draft” notation is provided if the material has not been thoroughly reviewed.

Notice: Information on this site cannot be republished without written consent of the Oregon Tennis Historical Committee.

There are far too many tennis entities to include them all in this web site. Some of the general Characteristics considered are: pioneer, long standing, tennis excellence, contribution, dedication, one of a kind, first of a kind, etc. The following are more specific guidelines for entity types:

Organization Profiles

  • Early clubs
  • Long standing – existing over 50 years
  • First of a kind

Tournament Profiles

  • Long standing – existing over 50 years
  • Sanctioned

Player Profiles

  • PNW president or director
  • National ranking or winner of a national (U.S or Canadian tournament)
  • PNW #1 ranking mutiple times in open events
  • Multiple year winner of the Oregon State open tournament
  • Long time successful coaches or tennis administrators (>30 years)

High School Events

  • Tournament startup
  • Long time successful coaches (>30 years)
  • 3 time state championship tournament winners

College Events

  • Division I & II program startup and change
  • Players receiving NCAA recognition
  • Teams receiving NCAA recognition
  • Long standing successful coaches

Junior Events

  • Players receiving national recognition
  • Startup and change of sanctioned Jr. tournaments

Senior Events

  • Players receiving national recognition
  • Startup and change of sanctioned Sr tournaments

Prominent Senior Players

  • Players ranked #1 in the NW 5 or more times in senior singles and/or senior doubles
  • Winner of 1 or more gold balls