ESTC was established in 1961. We are a membership-owned, not for profit corporation, governed by a 7-member Board of Directors. The club is classified as a 501(C)(7) corporation by the Internal Revenue Service.

The club’s initial facilities included 4 outdoor tennis courts, a locker room building, and a swimming pool which was enclosed with an air structure during the winter months. In 1964 the club added 3 indoor tennis courts, the first in the Pacific Northwest. During it’s early years ESTC was one of the premier swimming clubs in Oregon, while tennis was much more of a recreational pursuit.

Responding to a “boom” in tennis interest, ESTC added 3 indoor tennis courts in 1978, with six (6) indoor courts, ESTC instantly became one of the Northwest’s largest facilities. Increasing membership size led to an expansion of the ESTC locker rooms in the mide-1980’s, as well as a number of landscaping improvements, which increased usable space around the swimming pools.

ESTC’s largest expansion came in 1993 with the addition of 2 indoor tennis courts, a fitness center, offices, and member lounge. With eight (8) indoor tennis courts. ESTC maintains its position as one of the largest tennis facilities in the Pacific Northwest. With completion of the 1500 square foot fitness center, ESTC began selling “Fitness Memberships” which have no tennis court or swimming pool privileges. The new office spaces and member-viewing lounge had significant positive impact on ESTC’s operations.

In 1995 the club further enhanced its outdoor facilities with an expansion of lawn areas surrounding the swimming pools, and an addition of a full-court basketball and sport court.

In recent years ESTC has been recognized as the outstanding club in the Pacific Northwest by both the U.S. Tennis Association and the U.S. Professional Tennis Association. We are very proud of our facility, our programs, and services we provide to our membership. The club is committed to continually upgrading all aspects of its operations.

Document Source: Jeanie Halberg, 2002