Pacific Coast Indoor Tournament Poster
Pacific Coast Indoor Tournament Poster

The first Pacific Coast Indoor Tournament was held in 1971 at the Irvington Club. It was initiated by local promoter’s Emery Neale and Brian Parrott who wanted to expand the scope of the existing Oregon State Indoor Tournament which was held at the Irvington Club. The intent was to bring in some of the best college players and pit them against some of the older well known professionals and also the best local players.

Jimmy Connors
Jimmy Connors

The first year Jimmy Connors, a freshman at UCLA played in the tournament. Several years later, 14 year old Tracy Austin won the tournament which spring boarded her on her pro career.

In 1978, the PCI became the Louisiana Pacific Coast Invitational and alternated several years between the Irvington Club and the Eastmoreland Racquet Club. In 1978, the tournament offered $15,000 in prize money.

In later years, the tournament was moved to the Chiles Center at the University of Portland. While at the Chiles Center, the tournament was won by Boris Becker who several months later won the Wimbledon men’s singles championships.

Document Source: Historical Committee, 7/2004

Prominent Men Prominent Women
Jeff Austin Julie Anthony
Boris Becker Tracy Austin
Jeff Borrowiak Janet Metcalf
Jimmy Connors Terry Holladay
Mark Cox Marita Redondo
Steve Docherty Mona Schallou
Mike Estep Jane Stratton
Jaime Fillol
Peter Flemming Tournament Sponsors
Allen Fox Ben Franklin S&L
Brad Gilbert Evans Products
Pancho Gonzales Louisiana Pacific
Tom Gorman
Brian Gottfried Article
Dick Knight Boris Becker Wins PCI Tournament, Brian Parrott
Ille Nastase
Emery Neale
Jack Neer
Jim Osborne
Brian Parrott
Dennis Ralston
Pancho Segura
Harold Solomon
Fred Stolle
Sherwood Stewart
Roscoe Tanner